Hair Services

When it comes to hair services, The Hair People have all bases covered. Our staff stay current on all the latest styles, techniques and trends so each style is fresh, new and exciting; no matter what your ethnic background. We can even take care of your bikini lines before your next visit to the beach.

We understand that a new style can be a challenge to recreate at home.  After any styling service in our salon you can contact us within seven days for a free style lesson or if you just need a few helpful tips.


  • Perms
    – Though permanent waves haven’t been the most popular over the last two decades, they do have a place in todays hair fashions.  From just a bit of body to springy curls, todays perms can be just the thing your hair needs!
  • Haircuts
    – Finding the right style can be a challenge.  Often times it seems what we want and what our hair can do are two different things.  We are committed to helping you find the right style that compliments your face shape and hair texture.
  • Special Occasion Styles
    -There’s nothing more important than the right style on a special day.  Our team has covered it all!  We always suggest a trying out a new style before your special day to make sure it’s everything you want!
  • Relaxers
    – Taking a chance at home with a chemical service can always be risky.  The Hair People have years of experience with the proper application of chemical relaxers to give you the best hair condition and style.
  • Hair Coloring
    – Our stylists have decades together creating radiant looks for any time of day or night.  Whether you’re looking for a completely new color or just a splash of something new, we’re here to take it to the next level.  We are experienced in balayage, sombre  and ombre hair coloring techniques.
  • Hair & Scalp Treatment
    – Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.  Many things can cause dry and poor scalp conditions.  Our team can help to treat a dry scalp and improve your hair condition.

Other Services

  • Nails
    – Our manicurist offers a wide variety of nail services.  Whether you’re looking for a manicure or a full set for that special occasion we’ve got you covered!
  • Pedicures
    – We offer a relaxing environment the the perfect pedicure!
  • Threading / Body Waxing
    – It’s important to talk with the stylist/esthetician during the service to determine which is best for you.  Threading is a method of hair removal using 100% cotton twisted around each hair to be removed.  While threading can take longer than waxing, it can be less irritating to the skin.  There are a variety of waxes for different types of skin which is preferred for whole body waxing.